Join for three days packed with talks, workshops, hacking, mapping parties and meetings all around OpenStreetMap.

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Law Clinics and the OpenStreetMap Community Rauvin Johl, Harvard Law School Cyberlaw Clinic/OpenStreetMap US
Mapping the Meta Toby Murray
OpenStreetMap past(s), OpenStreetMap future(s) Alan McConchie, Stamen Design / University of British Columbia
ImproveOSM: Using Big Data To Improve The Map Brian Lau, Telenav
Let’s get LA on the map!: The Los Angeles Building Import Case Study Jon Schleuss, Omar Ureta, Alan McConchie, Maning Sambale, OSM Los Angeles Building Import Team
OpenStreetMap and the Sustainable Development Goals Tyler Radford, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Building community through mapathons and community mapping Drishtie Patel, American Red Cross
Combating hegemonic cartographic discourses with drones Britta Ricker, University of Washington Tacoma
The Reality is Virtual: U.S. College Students Assist MapGive and USAID Thomas Gertin and Rory Nealon, MapGive
Field mapping with Portable OpenStreetMap (POSM) and OpenMapKit Emily Eros, Seth Fitzsimmons and Nicolas Hallahan, American Red Cross
GISCorps -- Adding some more GIS to OpenStreetMap David Litke, Emmor Niles, URISA (GISCorps)
How can AI help us make maps? Sadi Khan, Yin Wang, Luke Walsh, Facebook
TrackYourCity - Mapping public transport from scratch Uli Strötz, Isabel Flores, Ally
Lightning Talks Multiple speakers
Beyond Aesthetic Icing: Designing geo tools for humans Ekta Daryanani, Meghan Hade, Mapzen
Lightning Talks Multiple speakers
OpenStreetMap lights up the world for blind users with sound Erik Schlegel, Microsoft


Using OpenStreetMap for Neighborhood Development and Feedback Andrew Wiseman, MappingDC / MaptimeDC
Wikipedia Maps Yuri Astrakhan, Wikimedia Foundation
One Map, Many Voices Chase Stephens, OSM Seattle
From an OSM Way to a Highway Shield Arielle Simmons-Steffen, Tableau Software
Trace from Space Kevin Bullock, DigitalGlobe
Befriending a Geocoder Diana Shkolnikov, Mapzen
Skynet - Machine Learning with Satellites and OpenStreetMap data Anand Thakker, Development Seed
Validating the Map Sanjay Bhangar, Mapbox
How to Become an OpenStreetMap Meetup Host Clifford Snow, OpenStreetMap Seattle
Millions that don't care Ilya Zverev, MAPS.ME
Beyond fire hydrant location: what firefighters need to know James Duggan, Tacoma Fire Department
What if it doesn't belong in OpenStreetMap? Kristofor Carle, Maphubs
OpenStreetView Alex Ilisei, Martijn van Exel, Telenav
Lowering the barriers to participation with Field Papers Lindsey Jacks, Cadasta Foundation


Make maps more ​interactive​ with the magic of a geocoding search box
Rhonda Glennon, Diana Shkolnikov
Make an interactive map with OSM data!
Lyzi Diamond, Dan Swick
How to make the most out of OSM Evangelization
Javier Carranza
Interpreting Satellite Imagery for OpenStreetMap
James Sondag and Christopher Orndorff
Rendering your own maps
Paul Norman
Making mapping fun and engaging future mappers
Miriam Gonzalez
Let's add bike-share stations to OSM
Jim Walseth
Faites vos jeux - Here's the New MapRoulette
Martijn van Exel
OpenDroneMap <3 OpenAerialMap <3 OpenStreetMap
Stephen Mather, Cristiano Giovando, Nate Smith
Tagging and mapping for routing and navigation
Sivaram Ramachandran
Customizing iD for Developers
Bryan Housel
OpenDroneMap <3 OpenAerialMap <3 OpenStreetMap
Stephen Mather, Cristiano Giovando, Nate Smith


Student Center 130 | 9AM - 12PM

Reserved for presentations / topic intros / meeting without distraction (classroom or larger meeting room). LearnOSM / TeachOSM. YouthMappers

Student Center 210 | 9AM - 12PM

Join hacking on code and documentation. Coordinate sprints on the OpenStreetMap Wiki ahead of time or organize a sprint spontaneously.